A Blog. I, who have always been something of a luddite at heart, actually have a blog. It must be the future, but where are all the flying cars that “The Jetson’s” promised us?

       Seriously though, it was high time that I came out. I’m a writer, a Mad Scribbler actually, and, as you may have guessed, I like to write and scribble away madly. And so, because it is the future, I have now decided to spend a portion of my time scribbling away online. Offline, of course, I will still uphold my doppelgänger persona : the calm, cool, emotionally-neutral worker at a well-paying day job. One needs to do make these sacrifices in order to keep body and soul together – this one especially, as she loves eating. 

       And so, I must close the opening post of my blog. How sad, I was just beginning to get into this whole “living in the future” thing. But, don’t worry….I’ll be back (don’t say I didn’t warn you).