Ladies and Gentlemen….THE BUCK PASS has finally seen the light of Cyberspace (with print editions coming soon…)!!!

   The BUCK PASS began as a tiny itch of an idea, a whisper in the back of my brain that began – of all places – at work. Tired of my fellow co-workers’ reluctance to accept even the slightest amount of responsibility for problems that they didn’t want to deal with, I began shouting the phrase “BUCK PASS!!!” at them. Well…ok, so the shouting may have been of the silent variety. You know, the kind that happens within the confines of your own head. But, whatever. It worked as a really great coping mechanism, something that made me smile in addition to helping me deal with my frustration in a professional manner.

   And then, I began to think.

   What if, I thought, a buck pass could be a good thing? What if a common, everyday object, such as a single dollar bill, could pass through people’s lives and bring them joy rather than an unwanted burden?

   And so, THE BUCK PASS – the story of an ordinary dollar that passes through the hands of six strangers and helps them change their lives for the better – was born.