I’m a pedestrian. I walk when others ride; I amble while their engines idle.

      When I’m in a huge hurry, I take public transportation – the bus, the train, the occasional ferry.

      It’s not always easy. Sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes, it can even be a little dangerous.

      But I do it anyway.

      “For the love of chocolate…WHY???” I can almost hear you shouting (yes, you, in the Chevy Suburban). “Why would you subject yourself to such torture? Are you some freakish, granola-munching, hippie environmentalist? Or, are you simply too destitute to afford a decent set of wheels?”

       The answer, my friends, is ‘yes.’ And, it’s also ‘no.’

        I’m a pedestrian because walking is beautiful thing. It’s great for the planet, of course. But, it’s also great for your body and – more specifically – your brain.

       Walking helps you think; the very movement gets those neuronal muscles all fired up and ready to go. Literally.

       If you’ve got a problem, take a walk. When work wears you down, have a stroll. Creative juices in the crapper? Don’t worry, just wander.

        And, for the love of chocolate, keep the car at home.