As human beings, we like to really settle in. To develop a routine and stick to it. To hunker down in our rut and get comfortable. To grow some roots.

       Change, as most people see it, is a bad thing.

       But is it? Is it really?

       A change, as the old saying goes, is as good as a rest. And for our brains, which have evolved to adapt to new and challenging situations, this is certainly true. Changes – even small ones – stimulate us; they encourage us to think about what we are doing, rather than simply “going through the motions” and living our lives on autopilot. Change is exciting, invigorating, and instrumental to the maintenance of happiness. 

       So, the next time you spot a weed in your garden of life, don’t just give it a trim and wait for it to grow tall again.

       Pull it up by the roots.