Runner's Last Ride, The - T.R Whittier

Paige Turner (or ‘Pah-hee-na, as she would rather be called) isn’t your typical Poor Little Rich Girl. She couldn’t care less about clothing. Parties make her sick – literally. And if an eligible bachelor so much as slips an arm across her shoulders, she can’t help screaming bloody blue murder before running a mile.

Because that’s what she is, see… A Runner.

When the going gets rough, she goes and gets overwhelmed; her mind shuts down and she can’t think straight. Or at all, really. And that’s when the dreaded feeling comes over her – the tingling in her spine, the blood pounding in her ears, the hammering of her heart as it crashes against the wall of her chest. And it’s like she’ll die if she doesn’t just get the hell away from it all.

But when her hearty-partying sister is found dead on the sidewalk outside The Gramercy Rose Hotel, Pah-hee-na takes ‘getting away’ to a whole new level. Instead of just shying away from her resulting stress and sadness, she runs away. Far, far away. Pah-hee-na Runs…using a pretty sweet set of wheels, that is.

But Running is more likely to land her in Hell (no, no…not that one) than help her catch a murderer…isn’t it?

With the help of a sexy, mysterious stranger, a jumbo-sized jack-of-all-trades, and an apparition (or possibly two), Pah-hee-na Turner is about to find out. And she’s in for the ride of her life.